May 2, 2018

Members emails and Data Protection

Category: General
Posted by: SMAC

The new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May 2018 requires the club to have a privacy policy and have the written consent from members to continue to contact them by email after the end of May.

The Privacy Policy will be shown on the website and a copy sent to each member.

The blank email consent forms will be available in the clubhouse and will also be sent to members before the end of the month. The forms only need a name, signature and date.

The form can then either be put in the envelope mark DATA PROTECTION in the clubhouse or posted back to Jane. 

After the end of May 2018, if we have not had a signed returned consent form then we are not permitted by law to contact you by email, so you will not receive any communication from the club with news letters, updates, bulletins and event invites.

You will need to contact the Club membership secretary with written consent for email contact and we can then reinstate your email contact.