Part of the BMFA RC Achievement Scheme test is a series of questions from your examiner related to flight safety, model preparation, airmanship and knowledge of the Air Navigation Order and CAP 658. The BMFA website has a quiz page with questions that may be used during your BMFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ test together with the BMFA mandatory questions, of which five will be asked during the test. It must be noted that ALL five questions in the mandatory questions section must be answered correctly. Failing in one question will mean the failure of the full test. It is important not to learn the answers but to understand why a particular answer is right or wrong. If you are in any doubt, then refer back to your BMFA handbook. Please note if you are going to take your ‘B’ test you need to know the ‘A’ test answers too.

At the end of the quiz, it will give the correct answers and if you retake the quiz, it will give a different set of questions, so try it a few times to get a good selection.

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