Large Model Flight

The Club has a small group of members whose are interested in Large Models. A pilot who wants to fly any model weighing over 7kg at SMAC must hold a BMFA ‘B’ proficiency certificate. Models over 20kg require special checks and permissions to fly from the CAA. Builders and pilots are only too willing to discuss the building and flying of large scale models.

  Eddie Barker’s Ultimate Biplane

Richard Cohen’s Douglas A-1 Skyraider 10 ft wingspan, 62cc engine, 42lb weight with Twist & Turn pneumatic retracts & 3-position flaps.

Richard’s Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker Built from an Ikon Northwest kit, 9ft wingspan & powered by a 40cc 4 stroke petrol engine.

Some other large models that have been in the Club…

Lockheed C-130 Hercules                         A well known model on the show scene in its USCG scheme with a working load ramp, deploying parachutists. It was flown and maintained by a group of Club members including Mel Jordan, Eddie Barker, Maurice Neale, Ted Farmer and Roger Brooker.

  1/3 Scale Piper Super Cub                Flown by Eddie Barker and Mel Jordan.

  Eddie’s Supermarine Spitfire                  Finished in Johnnie Johnson’s iconic scheme and powered by a 100cc inline twin.

Rich Cohen running up the 342cc engine on the 1/3 scale Republic P51 Mustang