Electric Flight

An increasingly popular market, electric models are quick to set up and easier to operate for multi engine models. Foam construction designs allow for a great variety of unusual model types and shapes that are hard to reproduce in built up form.
James Titcombe's Avios Grand Tundra


Electric Ducted Fan Models (EDF)

Electric jet models are increasingly popular and a cheaper, quieter way of getting airborne without the cost of gas turbine engines
Marks Rostill's DeHavilland Venom


I.C power models

The SMAC flight line hosts many scale and sport model types with glow & petrol, 2 & 4 stroke Internal Combustion engines
Mark Rostill's Seagull DualAce ready for it's maiden flight


Large Scale Models

The club has a small group of members with an interest in large scale models. Models over 20kg need special checks and permissions to fly.
Skyraider , gear and flaps down on finals to land


Historic Club Pictures

Photos of the Club members over the years
Competition at RAF South Cerney 1950s


2021 AGM Pictures

Pictures from the 2021 AGM and Trophy presentation
Luke Titcombe awarded the runner up electric flight funfly trophy


Flightline Photos

Pictures of the airstrip and flightline
getting set up for a fun fly evening


Model builds

Some of our member's model builds
Derek's 90 inch Pica North American P51 Mustang