News & Updates

Resumption of Flying from March 29th
Please ensure you remember to add your name to the Covid 19 Whatsapp Group when you go flying (this is a club and BMFA requirement)
The new pits area is now sited off the runway and is marked out but the grass has not been cut as the farmer wants a last cut in May so we suggest your bring a board to stop props catching long grass
Cars are to  be driven only to the pits entrance and unloaded – do not drive into the pit area.
Please ensure models are restrained within the pit area.
No Taxiing in or out of the pits.
Please ensure you maintain 2 metre social distancing
Aircraft Pit Area changes
The Committee has had meetings with the farmer with regard to moving the pit area away from the runway edge for safety. The pit area will now be a mowed box – set back from the runway – giving a safe area to prep models, away from aircraft landing and taking off.
The Committee has now finalised the new requirements for spotters. In agreement with VOWHGC and in compliance with the BMFA, we will only require one spotter while models are flying. Also, there is now the option for a non-member to act as spotter when no other SMAC member is on site. This  will be incorporated into the Code of Practice. This will mean a member can now visit site with a guest and fly, without needing another club member to act as a spotter. I am sure this will be good news for those who have previously had problems finding a Club member to spot for them at certain times of the day. The briefing notes for SMAC pilots to brief their non-member spotter are in the Clubhouse and also in the field kit holdall bag.
Article 16 Authorisation
Article 16 is new legislation to allow model flyers to operate in a manner similar to the past with a few changes.
There is now a CAA requirement for members to indicate that they have read and understood the Article 16 authorisation if they wish to operate under it. There is a check box on the Go Membership portal to do this, under ‘Opt-Ins’ on an individual’s member profile. Please have a read though the brief notes in the attached BMFA link:
You might also receive an email directly from the BMFA about this.
Go to the BMFA Azolve membership portal (, log in, go to your profile, click on the ‘Opt-In’ tab and, once you have read it, tick the box for Article 16.
If you don’t have access to the BMFA membership portal, please confirm to Jane that you read and understood the Article 16 authorisation and she can acknowledge it on your behalf.