Rich Cohen and Steve Crocker's                        1/3 scale P51 Mustang 

Large Models

Eddie Barker's Ultimate Bi-plane 

The club has a group of members whose specialist interests are Large Models.

Builders and pilots are often on site and are only too willing to discuss building and flying of large scale models.

Douglas A1 Skyraider

Skyraider owned and flown by Richard Cohen


Douglas A-1 Skyraider

10ft wingspan
8ft fuselage
62cc petrol engine
Twist & turn pneumatic retracts
3 position flaps
Weight 42 lbs



Seen on the right is a Mk IX Spitfire powered by an 80cc in-line twin petrol engine. The airframe is from Fibre Classics, built by by Eddie Barker and flown by Steve Crocker.

Firing up Eddie Barkers Spitfire